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We fight food waste by using surplus fruits & vegetables to create delicious products and working on a surplus-AI.

Farmers in Europe are forced to produce up to 200% of the amount of fruit needed to ensure that enough products meet the market norms. The highly-specialized requirements of supermarkets for the shape, colour and size of fruits lead to a surplus of up to 500 kg per day for one small farm. In most cases, these surplus fruits are thrown away. This is especially problematic considering how many resources and energy has been invested in rearing the fruits (seed production, rearing in heated glasshouses, labour, machine hours). The disposal of organic waste is often problematic due to its high water content and the formation of various gases. Billions of kilos of surplus crops are thrown away every year, we want to change this and utilise this surplus.

With ÔÇ×Unverschwendet” (Unwasted) we offer a culinary and creative solution to utilise surplus crops. As a first step, we preserve surplus fruits through traditional crafts such as making jams, marmalades, chutneys, syrups, pickling and cooking and thus prevent them from being thrown away. In the long-term, we want to offer various solutions – like in-house production, outsourced activities, regional branch establishment and transfer of resources and licences – to utilise all kinds of surpluses. As one of the very first companies, Unverschwendet emphasises the great potential of unutilised resources in the area of food and enables people to a culinary and enjoyable access to food waste prevention and a sustainable lifestyle.


Located in Vienna / Austria / Europe at Schwendermarkt
Gathering surplus from the region in and around Vienna
Successful crowdfunding campaign gathering more than 20.000ÔéČ in 2016
produced ca. 5.000 glasses / unwasted 2 tons of fruits and vegetables in in 2016
produced over 150.000 glasses in 2019 and unwasted more than 150 tons of fruits and vegetables
we are working on an surplus-AI to be able to better manage surplus fruits and vegetables


Cornelia & Andreas Diesenreiter (founders)

Phone: +43 660 3934280

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Andreas & Cornelia Diesenreiter – Photo: Christine Nini Tschavoll

Unverschwendet at Schwendermarkt

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